Circular Business Models

The Regenerating Product LifeCycle (Regen PLC)©

Regen PLC
Regenerating Product Life Cycle©

A systemic and managerial strategy to convert products in the decline stage to a new Product Life cycle.

Regen PLC with Multiple Lifecycles
Regenerating Product Life Cycle with Multiple Lifecycles©

A managerial strategy to retain energy and value in the product cycle as much is possible.

The Regenerating Product Lifecycle is a qualitative strategy towards circularity for both product demand and resource consumption. It follows an infinite looped path of product regeneration by using the same resources. It is a tool for reconciling the demand and production and uses a visual depiction in form of the regenerating product life cycle curve.

If your business would like to understand how to use the Regenerating Product Life Cycle to achieve circularity, drop an email to us.

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