When the Second wave in India would decline and what this means for Business

Further to my hypothesis a few weeks back regarding the peak of SARS Covid in India, it was heartening to see a decline in cases the last few days. Everyone is wondering when this pandemic would take a manageable form (if not eradicated, we still have time for that). Encouraged by the trend, I createdContinue reading “When the Second wave in India would decline and what this means for Business”

Predicting the peak in the growth of Coronavirus through visual analysis

While my article on the regenerating product life cycle is still hopping from editor to editor of different journals, I felt it important to share a hypothesis on the growth of coronavirus second wave in India and Delhi. Using Bing Coronavirus tracker, during the past year, I’ve been studying the trajectory of the growth ofContinue reading “Predicting the peak in the growth of Coronavirus through visual analysis”

Needs and Wants. There is a difference.

The first time I was introduced to this concept was through a lecture on Y Combinator’s Startup school that I attended in that phase of life when I thought I would next experiment with launching a startup (I did too. A couple. Still looking for technical co-founders with coding skills). The next thing I learntContinue reading “Needs and Wants. There is a difference.”

A new year and a new decade

2020-2030 is the decade of action. The sustainability discussion which started in the early 70s, hopes to find action through the 17 sustainable development goals. Covid has been a disaster and an opportunity at the same time. It had many lessons for us. The impetus to reset, rebuild with resilience is being added into theContinue reading “A new year and a new decade”

The Regenerating Product Life Cycle

It must have been in the late 90s when I first read Philip Kotler’s Marketing Management book during the long bus journeys to my first job as a jewellery designer. I was amazed at his definition of Fashion, Style and Fad (which I got to know only recently was developed by other scholars before him).Continue reading “The Regenerating Product Life Cycle”