Integrating Circular Economy in Fashion in the South/ South-East Asia region

(Some months back, got the amazing opportunity to attend the Oxford climate society’s School of climate change. It was actually a set of presentations by Oxford faculty, initiated by the society, which was now opened up to a larger audience via the online medium. Groups were formed to work on a problem area and offerContinue reading “Integrating Circular Economy in Fashion in the South/ South-East Asia region”

Cultural capital in the New World Order

Today an average global dweller has a smartphone to be connected, uses a satellite feed map to drive to the neighbourhood store, probably gorges on a fried chicken, which is a simple recipe marketed just last century, makes their children eat a “happy meal” though devoid of any kind of nourishment, spends his leisure beingContinue reading “Cultural capital in the New World Order”

Circularity at the turning point

India, in-spite of being a 5000 year old civilisation, recently (last 100 years or so), post colonial rule we have been evaluating ourselves based on the western set agenda. The fact is that you can always be right depending on how far in history you go. What currently is been called the “circular economy” hasContinue reading “Circularity at the turning point”

Five challenges for India in the sustainability discussion

Few days back a professor presenting to a group of us about climate change, exhibited a map showing the emissions growth over the last couple of centuries. He pointed out how an island nation in northern Europe had contributed to the climate change using fossil fuels since the early 1800s. According to professor, the carbon(CO2)Continue reading “Five challenges for India in the sustainability discussion”

September, a month filled with webinars

The circularity discussion is gaining speed across the globe. There were more events in this month, maybe due to university session opening. Most were online as researchers have now adapted to this new medium of discussion and also opened dialogue to audiences from developing nations that may have not been included had these events happenedContinue reading “September, a month filled with webinars”

When will the third wave of Coronavirus strike India and how bad will it be?

Further to my side interest of prediction through visual analysis; and encouraged by the on spot prediction of peak and decline of second wave of coronavirus; I’ll be attempting the prediction of the third wave of Coronavirus. However this time, I shall not be opening up this information on the blog and it will beContinue reading “When will the third wave of Coronavirus strike India and how bad will it be?”

When the Second wave in India would decline and what this means for Business

Further to my hypothesis a few weeks back regarding the peak of SARS Covid in India, it was heartening to see a decline in cases the last few days. Everyone is wondering when this pandemic would take a manageable form (if not eradicated, we still have time for that). Encouraged by the trend, I createdContinue reading “When the Second wave in India would decline and what this means for Business”

Predicting the peak in the growth of Coronavirus through visual analysis

While my article on the regenerating product life cycle is still hopping from editor to editor of different journals, I felt it important to share a hypothesis on the growth of coronavirus second wave in India and Delhi. Using Bing Coronavirus tracker, during the past year, I’ve been studying the trajectory of the growth ofContinue reading “Predicting the peak in the growth of Coronavirus through visual analysis”

Needs and Wants. There is a difference.

The first time I was introduced to this concept was through a lecture on Y Combinator’s Startup school that I attended in that phase of life when I thought I would next experiment with launching a startup (I did too. A couple. Still looking for technical co-founders with coding skills). The next thing I learntContinue reading “Needs and Wants. There is a difference.”