September, a month filled with webinars

The circularity discussion is gaining speed across the globe. There were more events in this month, maybe due to university session opening. Most were online as researchers have now adapted to this new medium of discussion and also opened dialogue to audiences from developing nations that may have not been included had these events happened in physical form.

Aalto University’s Fashion Lab was held by over two sessions last week. An interesting part of this lab was the personal connect and “confessions” as part of the researcher’s plan to generate awareness about overconsumption of fashion clothing and then guide a new conscious habit through action. Here is a LINK where you can still participate anonymously to reveal your fashion confession.

SustainEverse held a knowledge sharing session on circularity beyond recycling. I missed the first few minutes of introduction, so I do not know the panel. However, some traditional practices such as underconsumption (using a pencil till it is exhausted), recycling (newspaper raddi system in India), Upcycling (used clothes transformation by Sahas, an NGO) were given as examples by the panel. They were meant to record and email the discussion, but I’ve not received anything in my email so far.

The 8th World Sustainable Development Conference(MDPI) and the 09th ICSD were also held this year, virtually.

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