When will the third wave of Coronavirus strike India and how bad will it be?

Further to my side interest of prediction through visual analysis; and encouraged by the on spot prediction of peak and decline of second wave of coronavirus; I’ll be attempting the prediction of the third wave of Coronavirus. However this time, I shall not be opening up this information on the blog and it will be available to only those who are interested. I’ve been working on this estimation on my own time with unique methods, so this time the report will be charged. This report will be be helpful to those who need to plan and take future decisions in business, especially those *not* in the healthcare space or essential services. To know when something will strike and how bad it will be, helps you take pre-emptive measures and also gain competitive advantage. Further you can use this report for comparative analysis along with other such reports which might be available. I’ll be attempting three predictions: India as a whole; capital territory, New Delhi and financial capital, Mumbai. It will begin with basic question if at all the third wave will strike. It will be in simple language with somewhat more detail than my previous blog article. If you wish to be considered to receive this information, please fill the form below or contact me directly through email.

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