The Regenerating Product Life Cycle

It must have been in the late 90s when I first read Philip Kotler’s Marketing Management book during the long bus journeys to my first job as a jewellery designer. I was amazed at his definition of Fashion, Style and Fad (which I got to know only recently was developed by other scholars before him). The product life cycle in particular caught my fancy with the apt timing of exponential growth in all things product, FMCG related. We were all in the business of develop new, sell and sell more. Future meant sell more, competition meant sell faster, better and to more people. I took this learning back to the classroom, teaching what I thought at that point was how the world works and what the world expects from design. A tool to sell more, get more profit. It was not until I took a break from the standard 9 am to 5pm rat race of commuted travel, that I got time to reflect.

The Regenerating Product Life Cycle was thus born. Not through a systematic linear methodology, but rather a collection of experiences and intuitive understanding which stems from a designer’s foresight for the future. This is what I’m currently working on, as a side project to my actual thesis.

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