My Climate Story

As a part of the Leadership training at Climate Reality, we came up with a story defining why we took this path. Here is mine shared below:

When she was 13, Bhawna really wanted to be in the field of Fashion. By 17, she was enrolled in India’s top fashion institute learning Accessory Design. After 10 years of working with jewellers she went back to teach Design. After being promoted as the youngest Associate Professor of Design at her college, she decided to move on.

I took a break to be with my family, travelling and living in over five cities in various parts of India. Simultaneously,I pursued an MBA, went back for a stint as a group product manager and later as a Business Design & Innovation Faculty, in a Management School in Mumbai.

Throughout, I gathered experiences and also some questions. Why was Delhi’s air so hazy and Goa’s so fresh? Why does the water flood Mumbai after a simple downpour? Why were people so kind but nonchalant in other places? Why can we identify the make of a car at a glance, but not our birds? Why are they mining in Goa? Why don’t leaders listen to the needs of the people?

To find answers I’ve decided to pursue a Phd (Business & Sustainability). I seek to understand Circular Business models, taking Fashion industry and India as the core focus.  This year I have presented four papers; at the 3rd International Conference on Business, Economics and Sustainable Development (ICBESD 2020) and at the 8th International Conference on Sustainable Development.

Note(added in 2022): in 2021, I stopped the Phd mid way. I take the learning to create an enterprise :

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