Skill Sets and Learnings

Lifelong Learning

2020 Rain Water Harvesting & Management 2018 Creative Writing. British Council (A grade) 2015 Solution & Innovation Skills.Univ. Of Luneberg, Digital School (99/100 + EU credits) 2014 Computer Aided Jewellery Design & Manufacturing.(IIGJ, Mumbai (A Grade) 2014 Design Thinking for Business Innovation (Univ. Of Virginia MOOC) 2014 Financial Markets (Yale MOOC) 2013 Foundations of Virtual Instruction (Distinction)(UC Irvine Extn. MOOC) 2013 Design: Creation of Artefacts for Society (Distinction) (The Wharton School MOOC) 2013 Smart Growth for Private Business (Darden MOOC) 2007 Forecasting Future trends (NIFT,New Delhi) 2007 Strategies for Marketing and Management of Luxury Products (NIFT, Delhi) 2001 Diamond Grading(IGI Antwerp)

Skill Set

Academic Administration Skills: Academic planning. Faculty development. Timetabling. Curriculum development. Lesson Plans. Course formulation. Department head duties.

Administrative & Managerial Skills: Budgeting. Outreach. Exhibitions.

Creative Skills: Design Thinking. Drawing. Conceptualisation. Ideation. Jewellery Design. Craft Based Product Design. Multi-Material Accessory Design. Leather Bag Design. Product Detailing. Photography. Prototyping. Creative writing. Solution & Innovation Skills.

Design: Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator. Corel Draw. 3DS Max. Rhino. Soundforge. Dreamweaver. HTML.

Digital: Stata. MS Suite. Mac OS. Windows OS.

Entrepreneurial Skills: Startup MVP. Marketing. Merchandising. Project costing. Pricing. Sales Promotion. Social Media Marketing.

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